Welcome to the Deep Adaptation Forum: an international space to connect and collaborate with other professionals who are exploring implications of a near-term societal collapse due to climate change. There is no need to wait for your fellow professionals to wake up to our predicament. Through this free forum you can join regular webinars, seek advice and co-create shared resources for your field of expertise. 
“Only together might we extend the glide and soften the fall. If you are starting on integrating your awareness of likely near-term collapse into your personal, professional and political life, then this forum is for you.” Professor Jem Bendell, originator of the Deep Adaptation concept. 
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"Hello, yes, a recording of the Q&A will be made available.
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It would be of great help to those looking to draw reading lists as well as to those who are creating syllabi of their own in other disciplines."
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Prof Bendell's blog

The Love in Deep Adaptation – A Philosophy for the Forum

By Jem Bendell and Katie Carr Many more people are waking up to the predicament we are in, where rapid climate change threatens the future of our societies – and even our species. Hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded the Deep Adaptation paper and thousands joined the Facebook group. Launching the Deep Adaptation Forum […]

Organise Deep Adaptation Dialogues

As acceptance of likely or unfolding collapse is spreading, we hear of people wanting to gather and discuss what it means for their own lives, communities and work. That hope is not to hear simple answers to our difficult situation, but to share a range of information, emotions, ideas and options. With a little help […]

The Deep Adaptation Forum launches

People who are alive to the likelihood of society collapsing in our lifetimes will not be alone for long. But for now, we are few and far between. Despite 200,000 people downloading my Deep Adaptation paper, in most professional circles this topic remains taboo, and certainly not a priority within strategies, budgets or meetings. This […]