About us

The Deep Adaptation Forum is an international online space meant to connect people, in all spheres of life, to foster mutual support and collaboration in the process of anticipating, observing, and experiencing societal disruption and collapse.

This site is the Professions' Network of the Deep Adaptation Forum.


The overarching mission of the DAF is to embody and enable loving responses to our predicament, so that we reduce suffering while saving more of society and the natural world.

In service of this mission, we aim to create spaces for constructive dialogue and support community-building, while fostering a spirit of equality, mutual support and care around the breakdown of societies.

We are acting on all channels available to us: online and in person; with individuals, professional communities, and institutions; on blogs, social media, and mainstream media; and we are both exploring and explaining the "why" (why we need to take action), and the "how" (ways to do this purposefully and with joy, courage and compassion, regardless of what the future brings).


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