We invite a diversity of opinions, including a diversity of political approaches, so long as these do not advocate forms of fascism or violent conflict. We invite participants to employ the Deep Adaptation framework in their approach on this Forum. That means basing our exchanges on an acceptance that societal collapse is ahead of us, and sometimes exploring what the concepts of resilience, relinquishment, restoration and reconciliation could mean for our profession or interest. Therefore, we recommend you read the Deep Adaptation paper and blog on Reconciliation before participating in the Forum.

The Forum is not a space for debating climate science, or disputing whether societal collapse is likely to occur, or arguing that near-term human extinction is now inevitable. Such discussions occur in many other places and instead this Forum is solely dedicated to serving those who wish to explore collapse-readiness in all its potential forms, from the practical to the emotional and spiritual.

Your post will be deleted, and your account could be blocked, for posting inappropriate content. This includes, but is not limited to, the following kinds of content:

  1. Promoting too strongly one's own work or any particular ideology or solution
  1. Disputing that global warming is happening
  1. Insisting that human extinction is inevitable
  1. Arguing it is unhelpful to discuss collapse
  1. Arguing for fascistic or violent approaches to the situation
  1. Negative comments on the intentions or character of a fellow member 
  1. Demanding that participants adopt a more positive attitude

  2. Discussing "how bad things are," or engaging in self-justification ("Celebrity X now thinks like us" etc.)

Please contact us with a link to a post if you think it violates these guidelines.

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The Deep Adaptation blog

Gardening is Good for the Mind

Approximately 7.5 million people in the UK are diagnosed with a mental illness. In addition, Mental Health UK shares that about one in four experience mental health problems or difficulties, even without a diagnosis. No matter where you look, mental health is an integral part of our lives. To be able to live well and […]

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Deep Adaptation Guides and Guidance

Collapse is uncharted and highly distressing existential territory. A ‘guide’ is someone who knows a part of the terrain well, and can help others through, with a particular expertise.  The Deep Adaptation Guidance site is both a directory of practitioners and a library of practices that can help. The practitioners are guides who identify as […]

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This year needs us more than ever

It is not enough that wewrite these words,send thoughts & prayers,emoji hearts & tearful faces.What burns South todaywill flood North tomorrow. It is not enough to watchprogrammes, sign petitions,recycle & reduce.What we produce todaywill choke us tomorrow. We must plant a new kind of heartone that’s broken and grows backto stand oak-strong.One that seeds itselfin […]

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