Deep Adaptation Dialogues

The Deep Adaptation Forum encourages all its members to organise local gatherings centered on the Deep Adaptation agenda, anywhere in the world.

Gatherings can be organised independently; alternatively, the Forum can offer financial support to a type of gathering we call a 'Deep Adaptation dialogue', fostering conversations locally on topics related to collapse-readiness.

How to run a Deep Adaptation Dialogue

These conversations should take place following the principles of Open Space Technology, and be guided by experienced facilitators.

Participants will gather in a physical location around a collapse-related theme of their choosing, and let a detailed agenda emerge from their group. Prof. Bendell, or another expert from the field of Deep Adaptation, will open with a short Q&A video session, before the open space conversations begin. At the end of the day, if requested, Prof. Bendell or another expert will reconnect with all participants by video, for feedback on what was discussed and concluded.

What the Deep Adaptation Forum can offer:
- Video participation to each event by Prof. Bendell or another expert;
- 300 euros per event for expenses, paid after the event;
- Help in spreading the results of the conversation to the Deep Adaptation network.

To qualify for financial support:
- each event must be facilitated by a host with confirmed experience in Open Space Technology;
- organisers must be members of the Deep Adaptation Forum;
- the conversation should be community- or profession-focused. and be either free or with minimal fee;
- the event should take place in a cheap or free venue (equipped with a good internet connection, a computer projector and speakers, and a webcam pointing at the group participants);
- event hosts should, when possible, submit to the Deep Adaptation Forum a harvesting of topics at the end of their event. This can take the shape of a video, write-up, or podcast.



  • Applications are closed for 2019.
  • Only 5 events will be funded in 2019.


Read more about local gatherings here.

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