Diversity and Decolonising Circle

DAF Diversity and Decolonising Circle

August 2020

This circle is convened by a team of volunteers in the Deep Adaptation movement (see list of participants below). Its purpose is to find ways to reflect on and address the main forms of separation and oppression that characterise our modern industrial societies - including, in no particular order: Patriarchy; White Supremacy; and Desacralization of Nature at large - as we inevitably carry them with us into the Deep Adaptation movement and spaces. 

We address these areas to become more in alignment with the Deep Adaptation mission of embodying and enabling loving responses to our predicament, and reducing suffering, while saving more of society and the natural world.

Currently our focus is to find ways through this reflective process to make DA spaces safer for everyone, particularly people identifying as Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour. As this is such a vast field, this circle will begin by focusing on opening spaces for deeper conversations to listen to, learn from, and stand in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and People of Colour.  We are designing a training program for DAF volunteers, core team members, and holding group members, as well as regular ‘Deep Listening for Decolonising’ gatherings for participants in the various DA networks, on this particular facet of our predicament. Given the time and capacity, we will then work on other aspects of this field.

If you would like to stay informed as these activities evolve, or if you would like to support the initiative as it grows, please leave us your email address here.

Read the Diversity and Decolonising Circle MoU here. This document articulates how the Circle articulates its activities with the rest of the Deep Adaptation Forum ecosystem.

Read the Circle Agreements here. These are the key principles that Circle members choose to follow in working together.

Current participants: 

Nontokozo Sedibe – Consultant
Kathryn Hardcastle – DAF Holding Group
Wendy Freeman – DAF Volunteer
Sasha Daucus – DAF Volunteer
Dorian Cave – DAF Core Team


Original artwork by Maria Perkins, used here with permission from the artist, who is a member or the PDA Community (www.mariaperkins.fi)

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