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April 29, 2020
May 12, 2020
May 24, 2020
  • The Global Teach-In

  • May 24, 2020 at 5:00pm to Jun 20, 2020 at 8:00pm
  • Location: to be announced
  • Description:


     In Late May to Mid-June 2020, the Global Teach-In network will organize one to two Global Teach-Ins on the theme, #democratizethecrisis. By “democratize the crisis” we mean that greater public input and directive power in the form of knowledge, pol

  • Created by: Tony Budak
  • Tags: #democratizethecrisis
  • Climate Fiction Interactive Discussion

  • May 26, 2020 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Location: Online
  • Description:
    Ever since people started writing works of fiction, they have used them to speculate about the future and ask "what if". Today climate change is arguably the biggest variable we have to ponder for the future. So how is this represented in fiction? Ti
  • Created by: Sasha Daucus
  • Tags: arts, cli-fi, writing
May 29, 2020
  • Songs of One Breath - online every Friday

  • May 29, 2020 from 2:30pm to 3:00pm
  • Location: Zoom
  • Description:

    Every Friday, explore the pure, joyful, direct experience of mysticism rooted in practice, song, body prayer and mantra.

    These are the practices which have brought comfort, grounding and even bliss over the millennia to humans just like us, aware o

  • Created by: Jilani Cordelia Prescott
June 4, 2020
September 3, 2020
September 16, 2020
  • Deep Adaptation Retreat, Greece

  • Sep 16, 2020 to Sep 23, 2020
  • Location: Kalikalos Centre, Pelion, Greece
  • Description:


    **Edit 20/3/20: in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Kalikalos is delaying the opening of its three centres until 1st July.  This means that the Deep Adaptation retreat won’t be goin

  • Created by: Katie Carr

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Prof Bendell's blog

Deep Adaptation Quarterly – May 2020

Every three months, we summarise new activities and resources in the field of Deep Adaptation. We do not cover news on the latest science, weather, or impacts, as there are many other sources for that. Please forward this email to people who might be interested (subscribe here). Founder’s Commentary – Jem Bendell Since I edited… Continue reading Deep Adaptation… Continue

Why Discussing Death Can Help Us With Life

Many people who receive a terminal diagnosis report experiencing a kind of renewal, a ‘coming back to life’. Suddenly being invited to reflect on one’s life can have the effect of bringing into focus what really matters, and bringing a sense of clarity and forgiveness to one’s relationships, and often one’s regrets. If you are… Continue reading Why… Continue

Restoration of Ancient Wisdom in a time of Pandemic

A guest blog from deep adaptation advocate Jilani Prescott. In the current situation, many people are being faced with difficult feelings: anxiety, fear, grief, confusion, frustration. It could be said that the coronavirus is stripping away a layer of illusion or denial, that we have built up over a generation or two, which distances us… Continue reading … Continue

Deeply Adapting Diets – meat-free or self-sufficiency?

Deep Adaptation is a useful framework for self-development in these difficult times if it is seen as an invitation for each of us to consider changes in our lives, rather than prescribing answers or behaviours. That is because we are in highly uncertain, complicated, rapidly changing situations where any desire to be certain, correct and… Continue reading … Continue