This event runs from 10.30 am to 12.00 noon GMT.  It has been extended by half an hour, as participants in previous workshops found an hour insufficient.  (There seems to be a malfunction with the time facility on the event template which does not permit the closing time to be shown).

It is becoming ever clearer that what is technically feasible to mitigate carbon emissions might not be politically or practically feasible.  It's with that realisation that growing numbers of people are awakening to collapse.  More and more are daring to raise the topic in conversation, human-to-human. 

But will those tentative conversations make it into our offices where the culture values only performance, evidence and confidence?  How can we change the terms of business to vulnerability, uncertainty and whatever lies beyond the myth of progress?

The Cadence Roundtable is there for anyone interested in government and policy responses to environmental breakdown. You're welcome to join our monthly 60-minute Zoom calls, whether you're inside or outside the public sector.  Bring your own thoughts and test them out, or just come to question or to listen.

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  • I live in Alberta, Canada.  Is it either possible to record and share link, or have this conversation repeated to accomodate North America timezones?  Hugh

    • Hi Hugh. In order to allow free exploration of the issues, for people who may be working in sensitive circumstances, we will not be recording the session.  We hold alternate workshops at a time that would be suitable in the Americas (and for Aus/NZ in the intervening workshops) so hope to see you at a future one.

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