• Mar 27, 2021 from 8:00am to 8:00pm
  • Location: Zoom video conference
  • Latest Activity: May 13

Event cover image by Cat Jenkins.

DAF's online Open Space Gathering with the theme

Honoring and bridging cultures and languages in the Deep Adaptation Forum 

You’re invited to a DAF global conversation (in Open Space Technology format) focusing on this theme and around these questions: 

  • What does culture mean to you in the context of Deep Adaptation? 
  • What can different cultural perspectives tell us about the four R’s (Resilience, Relinquishing, Restoration, Reconciliation)? 
  • How does the DA Agenda ‘translate’ into other cultures (languages, contexts, any other definitions of culture)? 
  • How can DAF bridge literate, digital and oral cultures to connect people? 
  • How do we honor cultures other than our own, and become better able to see/hear people when their experience is different from ours? 
  • How can people in different language communities supporting Deep Adaptation cross-pollinate and broaden the impact of DA-related resources? 
  • What can Deep Adaptation and DAF learn from people in cultures that are already experiencing collapse and are engaged in adaptation? 
  • What can we deliberately keep doing or start doing to help DAF become more multicultural? 

While we invite a focus on the theme and these questions, any topics are welcome in this Open Space event.

This conversation is organized by volunteers in the Deep Adaptation Forum. Our shared purpose is embodying and enabling loving responses to our predicament. DAF is an international space to connect people (online and in person) to foster mutual support, collaboration and professional development in the face of climate disruption and likely, inevitable or already unfolding economic and societal collapse.

English is not your native language? You are invited to set up discussion points in your preferred language and self-organise within the Open Space Technology framework we will create and hold.

Participation is free. We invite you to donate to support the people and platforms that help build awareness, support our affinity groups and volunteers, enable online and also in-person community (when again possible to do so). You can give regular or one-off donations here.

Who’s invited? Everyone who cares to engage in this discussion

When does it happen? Saturday, 27 March 2021 [Please note that some regions will be in Daylight Savings Time / Summer Time and others will not. For example, US participants will start an hour later than for previous Open Space events.]
-- join one of the sessions or both: 

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Please note that to enable participation from different time zones around the globe this event has two 4-hour sessions, with a 4-hour pause between the two. The first session starts at 8:00 UTC (Africa / Europe / Australasia overlap) and the second session starts at 16:00 UTC (Americas / Africa / Europe overlap).

You are welcome to join either or both sessions, but please make sure you join on time for a session start, introductions and agenda co-creation during the first hour of a session.

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  • After session #2 paraticipants shared: As a result of this gathering...
    • Thank you everyone - as usual deep listening, deep discovering, creating new words for new worlds, and new ways of relating….all good! Let’s do more of this.
    • ... it’s been long, but invigorating!!!! So nice to share & learn
    • ...I am enriched. We are growing. ;) …  Loved the conversations! Must get on the next call. Thank you!
    • ...I have learned some things I can let go of, to focus on other things that will help make better relationship.
    • ...I hope to join or start a circle to continue some of he discussions.
    • ...I feel happy & satisfied.
    • ...we have looked forward to new ways of gathering to create relationships in new areas.
    • ...I will reflect on what I learned from my colleagues in here (THANK YOU ALL) and have recharged my batteries with your insights.
    • ...we will hopefully keep sharing and learning from each other.
    • ...I have had a deeper exp.
    • ...I felt as a part of the good company
    • ...we were searching how to connect with deeper level of the world of Unknown, and with the world of deeper self, and how to bridge with secret culture that needs to get out in times of deep adaptation;
    • ...I’ve seen more possibilities with in DAF. As a result of this gathering we understand / reaffirm there is much learning to be done..
    • ...I think we reached a common sense of what some solutions to bridge divides my be.I personally felt enriched by others viewpoints.
    • ... we have direction
    • ...I need to take a walk. We need to keep talking.
    • ...I feel some deep needs have been truly expressed and shared.
    • ...I sense there are people in DA ready to take more action
    • ...I had some modest hope
    • ...I have felt more of other people's sincerity. We have built more a foundation.
    • ...I had a rich time with others!
    • ...Thank-you!
    • ...and make some plans.
    • ...I realize there's a whole 'nother language out there that I don't understand
    • ...I will look for the beauty of culture that is not mine.
    • ...I feel I received a spark of serenity / I felt some new ideas very somewhere very close, not in me still, but somehow near.
    • ...we will have more strength and creativity to listen to the unknow languages around us
    • ...I tapped into the creative being that I am and that we are. As a result of this conversation I realize that our language is so geared to valuing what has a monetary value.
    • ...Thank you Sasha, Kat and Terry for creating such a loving space. I’m grateful for your commitment to DA (having loving responses).
  • This is what participants shared at the end of the session #1:

    • ...I am much more aware and appreciative of comfort and welcome and the importance of these in enabling engagement 
    • ...I feel re-connected, restored, understood :-) 
    • ...we can live trusting...
    • ...I feel more relaxed and connected. I got to explore some different ways of being in OS and they worked really well for me-- having 1 on 1 chats with people
    • ...we exchanged on many levels, about a heart and thoughts of each of us and state of the world
    • ...I feel some steps deeper into uncovering seams of being and relating that are universal and precious
    • ...every time it’s different, we must not give up, no whatever the end result
    • ...I also feel slowly more at home here
    • ...I feel more connected, agaian
    • ...we can design a way to focus more in widening our community to non-global north, non-middle-aged, non-middle-class humans
  • Video invitation by co-hosting team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vpw1xEYUtMc

    Thank you for making it David Baum

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