• Feb 10, 2021 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Location: Zoom
  • Latest Activity: Jan 12

The Business & Finance group leaders Viviana Jiménez and Jim Lancaster will cohost the event. Please contact them for more information or details, for questions, concerns, etc. Check the local times for the event


The focus of this event will be business and the global economic system: from growth to regeneration.  Specifically, we will consider:

  • What role does business have in a regenerative system?
  • Is 'growth' an outdated economic concept?
  • What is our responsibility and role as individuals in a potential economic transition (into a regenerative economy)?


More information:

The event is a Zoom session in an 'open space' context. To learn more about how open space gatherings are done, please see one or more of the following:


The session will open with centering in group presence and check-in. The agenda will then be defined by session attendees collectively. The cohosts will facilitate this process, including scheduling the agenda items for discussion. Centering, check-in, and setting the agenda should take about 30-minutes, followed by two 30-minute discussions about the items on the agenda. The number of attendees will guide how that will be done, e.g., using breakout rooms or not. A short break will follow the opening centering and check-in, and another will be taken between the two discussion sessions. 

Attendees are not required or expected to have any professional, academic, or other experience or expertise in business or finance in general..  


The day before the event (on 9 February 2021), the Zoom link will be sent to all who select "Going" or "Interested." 



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  • Hi, Team DAF B&F. One of the things we covered during our January 6 call was the matter of helping individual companies adapt. I just published this column on a special initiative I'm spearheading, Adaptation ESG, where we'll be partnering with DAF members to provide services to companies. You can view the initiative's deck here and see the DA integration on slide 2. For a fuller perspective on what we do at COMMON Future, including the deck where you can see how we're integrating DA in our narrative and business model, view the website here.

    We're convinced we've arrived at a way to help companies weigh the coming societal and economic collapse into their decision-making so as to yield the deepest and most thorough adaptation possible — taking Deep Adaptation, as it were, and making it extremely relevant to a corporate audience, where it then becomes Deep Adaptability.

    See you in the next call. Can't wait!


    Climate risk management: a tipping point to celebrate
    Wow. What a difference a year makes. Not even a year, actually. It was last April when I wrote this column announcing
    • Thank you Alex! What type of services will you provide? Do you have companies already in mind or that you are working with as of now?

    • Two types: consulting and communications. Consulting, in turn, includes, a) overall guidance on implementing an adaptation plan, and b) a solution specifically focused on facilities using the USGBC's new RELi resilience standard, which works seamlessly with LEED.

      As to the Communications component, it too can be moduled as two: a) the kind of communications most companies deploy for sustainability, but in this case for Deep Adaptability, and b) an organizational culture model called FIVE TASKS, where we look to embed Deep Adaptability enterprise wide. For the latter, we're super excited to use some of the coaches in the DA Guidance website.

      We're just now in the process of launching this in Q1, so we don't have any companies yet. I'm about to sign the first one this month. It has taken nearly two years of research and prep to develop the solution and assemble the team. We are pumped and positive about the outcome.

  • The Check the local times for the event above opens with times accress time zones that were correct on 15 September, Jim Lancaster and Viviana Jiménez

    I recommend updating this link with correct date / time every time you want to share it, to avoid confusion when Daylight Savings Times are being changed. 

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    • While you are at it, you can also edit the event page to remove extra blank rows... 

    • Thank you and done!

  • I'm sharing this invitation with REconomy practitioners :) 

    It's a regenerative small business virtual community of practise linked with the Transition movement. 

    We recently co-hosted our first TransLocal Entrepreneur Forum

    Exploring the potential of community-led economic change
    • Wonderful! Thank you. 

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