• Jan 6, 2021 from 5:00pm to 6:30pm
  • Location: Zoom
  • Latest Activity: Jan 6

The Business & Finance group leaders Viviana Jiménez and Jim Lancaster will cohost the event. Please contact them for more information or details, for questions, concerns, etc. Check the local times for the event




In this event, we would like to invite you to discuss the evolving and emerging characteristics of business and finance practices in times of collapse.  Specifically, we consider the following questions:

  • What areas of business and finance are critical in the current global context?
  • How will the business and / or finance industries evolve within societal collapse?

The event is a Zoom session in an 'open space' context. To learn more about how open space gatherings are done, please see one or more of the following:

The session will open with centering in group presence and check-in. The agenda will then be defined by session attendees collectively. The cohosts will facilitate this process, including scheduling the agenda items for discussion. Centering, check-in, and setting the agenda should take about 20-minutes, followed by two 30-minute discussions about the items on the agenda. The number of attendees will guide how that will be done, e.g., using breakout rooms or not. A short break will follow the opening centering and check-in, and another will be taken between the two discussion sessions. 

Attendees are not required or expected to have any professional, academic, or other experience or expertise in business or finance in general.


The day before the event (on 5 January 2021), the Zoom link will be sent to all who select "Going" or "Interested." 

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  • Gutted. I thought I was registered & had the link. Rushed home . . . . couldn't get on !!!!!!!!!.


  •  I suggest you use +Invite more people function (next to event visual) to get attention from your group and / or people you know in DAF, Viviana Jiménez and Jim Lancaster 

  • Technical diffilculty and lack of child care will likely prevent me from practically joining. I would say try and tap thes giant funds Rockefeller, Norwegian retirement fund, Some of these city retirment funds, A fair number moving into more sustainable measures. Need access to those funds to transition communities and especially intergenerational living. I'm trying to gain acces to building a sustainable house much less also trying to get into a community. Timber prices are going to continue to sky rocket. I am terrible at convincing anyone of anything though. I'd love to live and be a part of a project converting much of the unused mall spaces or old office spaces as reasonable. The issue is systemically they will crash everything but, the real estate market. Eventually it will get hit as well. So we are battling excessive inflation on top of a bubble in places that are going to be more survivable.

  • Very much looking forward to the meeting and exchanging ideas on ways to apply DA to business.

  • if possible to share notes after, would much appreciate!  grateful!

    • Yes! We will be taking notes and sharing them after. 

    • Will the session be recorded? 

    • If all the participants agree to do so, we can record it and share. 

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