Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication is a powerful tool for connection, understanding, self-care, and conflict transformation.  And, as Marshall used to say, "Making life wonderful!"  Of particular help to people supporting Deep Adaptation is NVC's ability to help people release blame, shame, guilt, and defensiveness from situations of loss and struggle.

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A 90-minute monthly drop-in learn/practice group for Compassionate Communication (NVC).

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Each session we will have a nutshell introduction to NVC, spend a bit of time on one aspect of it, and then do exercises or role plays with your real-world situations. 

Terry LePage has been training people in NVC since 2007 in a variety of settings.   It helps her live her values.  With a PhD in chemistry and a Masters of Divinity, she combines heart and head in teaching and facilitation. She has worked as a transitional minister and hospice chaplain. She lives in Southern California and is currently working for worker and immigrant rights and leading groups for Nonviolent Communication, Way of Council, Grief Gratitude and Courage (for grief other than personal bereavement), and Staying Awake (to racism and injustice). She finds renewal and solace in the wild lands of coastal California and in her native garden.

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