This weekend retreat looks at spiritual aspects of adaptation to climate change and Covid: seeking purpose, healing, mutual care from a bigger perspective. Led by Alan heeks, Amrita Bhohi, Karim Hadden. Sessions will be held over Zoom.

Deep Adaptation is the term used by Jem Bendell to invite us to face the radical changes climate change will bring within the next decade. This weekend retreat will focus on the spiritual aspects: seeking purpose, healing, mutual care from a bigger perspective. 

Our exploration will include a range of teachings and processes, and will not focus on any one tradition or belief system. Potential elements include:

  • Spiritual ecology principles and practices to deepen sacred connection between people and the living earth
  • Joanna Macy’s deep ecology approach, drawing on Buddhist and Native Amercian traditions
  • Neil Douglas Klotz’s teachings from Sufi and other traditions on being centred and creative in uncertainty
  • Insights from Jem Bendell’s writings
  • Dances of Universal Peace, which are a form of body prayer or moving meditation, helping us to embody prayers and guidance

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Alan Heeks: has focused on future resilience since 2012, leading a range of projects and workshops. Has been working with supporting Jem Bendell since Autumn 2018: nominated by Jem as a Deep Adaptation advocate. Alan has co-led many spiritual retreats, including several on spiritual resilience. See, and 

Amrita Bhohi: is an international spiritual ecology facilitator and educator. Her work offers experiences to reunite people, the living world and the sacred. She co-founded the Spiritual Ecology Programme at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation & Peace in London. Amrita is currently a facilitator with Emergence Magazine, and is writing a book about her work.

Karim Hadden: is a highly experienced leader of Dances of Universal Peace and Devotional Singing. He has followed the path of Universal Sufism for many years, and also works as a Craniosacral therapist.

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  • This looks really interesting and I would love to attend.  I think it may clash wiht the upcoming Diversity training though so I cannot commit until the groups and session times for that training are confirmed.... Watching with interest! 

    Thank you for putting this together 

    Kat x

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