• Jan 31, 2020 from 8:30am to 5:00pm
  • Location: Tshisimani Activist Centre, 67-69 Main Rd, Mowbray
  • Latest Activity: Jan 13


What is the 'South African Climate Emergency'? What do we feel about it? How best can we cope with it, together?
The African Climate Alliance is inviting climate activists and environmental organisations to come together to frankly analyse our local context and lay the foundations of a wider network that could trust each other to work better together in the face of crises such as Day Zero, the KZN floods or Cyclone Idai.
Come along if you would like to:
a) foster solidarity with others grappling to process their feelings about imminent climate upheaval 
b) take stock of our strengths as a collective and share hopes, fears and experiences with a view to pooling energy, resources and strategies to lobby government, business, education and media more effectively
c) learn how Open Space's participant-led agenda guarantees minimum boredom and maximum empowerment
"Open Space is appropriate in situations where a major issue must be resolved, characterised by high levels of complexity, 
high levels of diversity, the presence of potential or actual conflict, and with a decision time of yesterday.”
“At the very least, Open Space is a fast, cheap and simple way to better, more productive meetings. At a deeper level, 
it enables people to experience a very different quality of organisation in which self-managed work groups are the norm, 
leadership a constantly shared phenomenon, diversity becomes a resource to be used instead of a problem to be overcome, 
and personal empowerment a shared experience. It is also fun.”
“Open Space runs on two fundamentals: passion and responsibility. Passion engages the people in the room. Responsibility 
ensures things get done. A focusing theme or question provides the framework for the event. The art of the question lies in 
saying just enough to evoke attention, while leaving sufficient open space for the imagination to run wild.”
Harrison Owen, founder of Open Space Technology
With thanks to the Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education and the Bertha Foundation for providing the venue at no cost.
Hosted by experienced Open Space facilitators Sam Pearce, Masters in Diversity Studies (UCT) and eco-traveller from Africa Clockwise (a 6 year continental trek with her family in the Big Green Truck running on WVO); Earl Mentor, coordinator of PeaceJam South Africa, Team Rise life coach and author of ‘Cape Flats Karma, Biography of a Coloured Seed’; Yandiswa Mazwana, project manager of the eMzantsi Carnival community-building project, Masi Creative Hub and a veteran recycled artist and Khanyiselo Silo, an experienced facilitator from the Desmond Tutu Youth Centre.

NB: This event page is not the official registration page. The official registration page will be posted here when it is available

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