• Mar 10, 2021 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
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Hello again from the DAF Film Circle - where we view a film (at our own convenience), and then gather to discuss our responses to it. Not all the films will be directly related to Deep Adaptation, but they'll often cover issues we touch on regularly in this forum, and we'll also know we're speaking with other collapse-aware people.
Our next movie is "Kukushka" (The Cuckoo), set in Finland during WWII. It tells the story of a Sami woman, a Finnish soldier, and a Russian soldier whose fates bring them together. 


Below are two links, to two versions of the film - one of which should give people access to the film in a format which is accessible, depending on your location and needs.

Free version:
Access fee ($5.00 U.S):


So the plan is - if you'd like to join us (all are welcome!),

   1) If you're interested click the 'going' or 'interested' box on this Event, to ensure we get the Zoom link to you
   2) watch the movie, in your own time - enjoy! 
   3) on the day, please log on and come join us.  You won't be being grilled - it's not 'homework! -  just an opportunity to exchange thoughts and impressions, and maybe have some new thoughts and ideas sparked by others' comments and questions.
We're looking forward to sharing our enthusiasm for great film with you,
Steve and Cat 


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  • Thanks Cat Jenkins ! Looking forward to this new session :)

    I just want to point out, for movie purists, that the only difference I can spot between the free and the paid links above is that the free version has Russian dubbing *on top of* all Finnish voices... (which I, for one, find a tad annoying - like having an unwelcome interpreter sitting next to me in the room!) While the paid version lets you enjoy the beautiful sound of the Finnish language without any Russians interfering.

    • Thanks Dorian, that's really useful and much appreciated! 

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