**Edit 20/3/20: in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Kalikalos is delaying the opening of its three centres until 1st July.  This means that the Deep Adaptation retreat won’t be going ahead in June as planned.  We are rescheduling the retreat (hoping that the measures Governments and communities are taking now will mean that travel is safe again by then), and we hope that you will be able to join us for the new dates of June 19th to 26th, 2021.**

The emerging realisation that climate change is becoming a destructive tragedy, not just an urgent challenge, is profoundly disorientating for many people. How are we to feel? What are we to do? What might become the purpose of our lives and work in the face of imminent societal breakdown from climate chaos?

You are warmly invited to join Jem Bendell and Katie Carr for a week of dialogue and reflection with people working on this Deep Adaptation agenda. We will focus on nourishing the inner resilience for us all to help make this a kinder and more sacred unravelling of life-as-we-know-it. We will draw upon the experiences of participants, a range of experiential exercises as well as facilitated connection and exploration that welcomes emotional, spiritual and somatic ways of being and (un)learning, as well as the intellectual/cognitive. Our aspiration is that we will support peaceful empowered surrender to our predicament, where action can arise from an engaged love of humanity and nature, rather than redundant stories of worth and purpose.

Within a safely held and gently facilitated space, we aim to explore the possibilities for meaning, purpose and joy amidst the climate tragedy, whilst cultivating the practice of welcoming the whole range of human emotions, including those that are painful and usually pushed away. The focus is on inner adaptation rather than policies for reducing the harm from societal collapse. The retreat is part of a wider movement on Deep Adaptation. Our hope is you leave better able to host future gatherings on this agenda, and feel more peaceful in your ability to be alongside and support others in their own journeys.

Jem and Katie will be travelling overland and as lightly as possible from their homes in the UK to Greece. We encourage participants to do the same, and offer a significant discount (15%) for those who do. Please contact

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  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this retreat has been rescheduled to June 19-26, 2021.

  • Over past weeks I have been carefully noticing the ebbs and flows of my emotional being.  Noticing the rational mind wanting to find out as much detailed information as I can; facts and figures and constant news updates.  Then noticing the quality of overwhelm that arises.  Noticing, that when I encounter the edges of what it’s possible to know, the realms of uncertainty, and different flavours of fear arising there.  Noticing the pull of my heart towards friends and family, moments of connection with strangers that feels surprisingly raw and alive with compassion.  I’m away from home at the moment, and I’m noticing a desperate urge to be able to protect loved ones that I’m far away from, a growing sense in me of people’s vulnerability.  I’ve noticed a wider gnawing fear, knowing that crisis can bring the very best - and the very worst - out in people.  And I’ve also noticed how much more time and loving attention I need to give to my own being, to be well enough and grounded enough to make wise choices and to be as supportive and present as I can with those around me.
    Many people in our countries and communities are encountering these feelings, and more, for the first time in their lives.  For those of us who have been on our own journeys of collapse awareness, it is still possible to find ourselves blindsided.  People in the DA community have been continuing to sow seeds of love, and steadiness even during this time of deep uncertainty, and reconciliation.  I thank you for that.
    Some of you have already participated in the ‘Deep Listening’ spaces that are hosted regularly through the PDA facebook group.  Jem recently published a call for volunteer facilitators to host more of these spaces - online and in person. They are not intended to be a space for sharing information about the pandemic, but rather to give space for the difficult emotions to be welcomed, shared and witnessed unconditionally.  This practice (deep listening and relating) has been a crucial one for me and many in the DA community to support self-regulation, often defined as the ability to manage one’s emotions, but I prefer to think of it as ‘the art of being whole’.  I invite you to join the PDA group (if you haven’t already) and search on the events page for events that are accessible in your time zone.
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