• Jul 9, 2020 from 8:00pm to 10:00pm
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Deep Listening for Deep Adaptation: A Series of 4 sessions focused on the 4Rs Framework, Session-3, Restoration
What wisdom, knowledge or practices that we have lost, might we bring forward in service of Deep Adaptation?
That's what we will focus on in Session-3, Restoration
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Welcome to Deep Listening for Deep Adaptation and thank you for joining with us. This series of four Deep Listening Gatherings will be guided by the 4Rs Framework (Resilience, Relinquishment, Restoration, and Reconciliation) with each session focused on one of the Rs. The invitation is to share your own experiences and what's alive for you around each R and to listen deeply to others as they share.
While it would be beneficial to attend all four sessions, it is fine to show up for only one or two. Each session will last for 2 hours; please arrive on time and plan to stay for the whole session.
In Session-3 we will focus on Restoration
Deep Listening Gatherings are respectful and welcoming spaces in which to connect through the sacred act of storytelling and listening with curiosity and compassion. Many people arrive here in a state of bewilderment or desperation, having recently come to an awareness of the magnitude of the crisis that is unfolding. They stay because this space offers a quality of presence, kindness, courage, vulnerability, and support that is rare and precious; it embodies the values we want to see in the world. Participants are invited to connect with and welcome all parts of their own experience and others' experience. Most often, participants leave with greater calm and clarity.
The last session in this series will take place on July 23rd.
Contact Birgitta at bschomaker@planet.nl if you have any questions or if you need assistance with the registration etc.
**If you are currently in acute crisis emotionally or psychologically, this session is not appropriate. In case you are feeling overwhelmed, or think that you might be at risk because of these emotions, here is a resource that may help you cope better in the moment. And here is a link to other sources of emotional support, from Jem Bendell’s website:
These gatherings are offered on a dana basis - the Buddhist practice of generous giving. Facilitators are offering their time at no cost. Participants are invited to offer what they want to or can afford; financial gifts of this kind will contribute towards supporting new and ongoing activities of the Deep Adaptation Forum and wider community. Donate here: https://cafdonate.cafonline.org/11286#!/DonationDetails
Thank you.
About Your Hosts:
Birgitta Schomaker, MSc was born and raised in the Netherlands. Her childhood memories revolve around her experience of wonder and deep connection with trees and plants. As a teenager, seeing the damage done to animals from industrial farming had a deep impact on her. Currently, Birgitta (a social psychologist) offers her expertise in designing and facilitating gatherings to grassroots organizations like Extinction Rebellion. Also working as a career coach and leadership development trainer in the corporate world, she enjoys the variety of circles and peoples she is in touch with. Some of her passions include a quest for "decolonization", honoring indigenous perspectives and caring for social justice.
Michael Forlenza, PhD, MPH, PCC currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA in the United States. Michael is a health psychologist, epidemiologist, and a professional certified coach. For over a decade, Michael has worked nationally and internationally (South Africa, Germany, China, and Canada) supporting the development of organizational leaders to be more present, mindful, and purposeful. His focus is on preparing leaders to see and make sense of interdependent systems and to successfully navigate amidst complexity and chaos. Michael is also an Internal Family Systems Level 1 Practitioner and former professional dancer.
Original artwork created for Deep Adaptation, by Maria Perkins - www.mariaperkins.fi
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  • I really enjoyed facilitating the first two sessions in this series. Listening to people from different parts of the world,  hearing their thoughts and feelings about societal collapse, climate change and the loss of biodiversity was a unique and valuable experience. It made us all feel less alone in experiencing our grief. There is so much denial and 'business as usual' or 'let's get back to normal' going on around us, that it is truly refreshing to be in the company of people who are willing to wake up to the current predicament. 

    We wholeheartedly welcome you to our next session on  July 9th.

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