• Jan 15, 2021 from 11:30am to 1:00pm
  • Location: Zoom event
  • Latest Activity: Jan 12

“This week we will be looking at the meaning of “ Heart Connection”, which seems to me to be quite different from a head, or thinking connection. Most of us already think that it is important to have a good relationship with the Earth, to appreciate what comes from the Earth and to not exploit Her. However this week l would like to lead us in a Heart based meditation where we are able to open our hearts to feel our deep connection with the Earth and to ask ourselves what this potentially life changing relationship can teach us, and how it can inspire us to transform and heal not only ourselves, but our relationship with each other and the Earth.”

There is a glow, an irrepressible joy that spontaneously arises within us when we really listen to the Earth, or any of Her myriad forms of life. When we are able to still our mind and start to breathe with Nature….. breathing in the oxygen the trees have just exhaled and becoming aware of them breathing in the carbon dioxide we have just exhaled….. then start to deeply relax…. we begin to realise we really are an intrinsic part of the whole…we actually belong here… we are part of the Earth.
From this life changing deep connection we then become able to listen and hear what is the next step we need to take, in our unique capacity as the individual we are right now, to become “the change we want to see in the world”.

You are very welcome to join us in this enriching exploration of our connection to the Earth.
We'll send you the Zoom link the day of the event. 
This circle will run weekly on Fridays at 5:30pm UTC. 
Led by Emma Mary Gathergood, Earth-Warrior Butterfly

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