• Dec 3, 2021 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm
  • Location: Zoom event
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This week in our Earth Listening Circle we will be looking at what healing message physical pain can bring into our lives.  Emma Mary says “I was doing a small job in my garden yesterday that involved bending over and my back started hurting then within ten minutes it had gone into spasm and l have been in severe pain every time l move a muscle ever since. What an interesting experience it has been, going in the space of a few minutes from being a fit and healthy person to being a practically disabled person, dependent on others for most things l usually take for granted, like retrieving things from the floor, and preparing meals! I live alone and am fiercely independent so this has turned into quite a potentially life changing few days”. 

Maybe we can remember back to similar instances in our own lives when physical pain and incapacitation, even for quite a short period of time, can allow us to ask Earth Mother what is the message behind this sudden change of personal identity and what is the longer term learning we can take from this experience.  

You are very welcome to join us in this enriching exploration of our connection to the Earth.

We'll send you the Zoom link the day of the event. 

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Sasha and Emma Mary.

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