In indigenous Africa one cannot conceive of a community that does not grieve".. Malidoma Some, the Healing Wisdom of Africa

A culture's relationship to pain is a central organising principle of whether we create health or destruction.

In the Dagara tradition (quoted above) grief ceremonies are held regularly, weekly. Loss, destruction, death, disaster, are seen as shared issues which require collective, ritualised spaces to hold and tend them. The medicine of tending with others grief is a vital ingredient to weave people together in caring, effective communities which many in modern cultures are profoundly missing.

In individuals, groups or societies where grief is avoided it can become a toxic presence, leading to self harm (sickness, depression, burnout), harm to others (aggression, dumping and structural violence such as racism and sexism) and harm to the living web of life.

Our resistance to going towards pain mirrors the cultural resistance to collapse; when we surrender to grief we let go into a flow of feeling that is unpredictable, unknown, intergenerational, collective and part of all life.


This two day workshop offers a spacious, deep dive into honouring, releasing and witnessing grief.

Over the weekend we take time to build the banks of the river, calling in beauty, ceremony, powerful lineages and our own forms of support, and then let go into our pain, inviting many different practices to give grief form and expression. There is time to digest and integrate these experiences, and gently return to our daily lives.

If you are with grief that feels overwhelming, big, unmanageable, difficult - or perhaps stuck, distant, out of reach - we encourage you to take time for this deep practice of care for self and others. Many report feeling much lighter, more joyful and available to life following one of these deep dive weekends.

We alternate time together on line with time in our own space; not more than 2 hours on zoom with at least 2 hours break between sessions.

Cost £90 - £160 sliding scale; contact us for bursary places

For more information see our website, or contact us

Held by Sophy Banks and Jeremy Thres plus support

Sophy held the inner dimension of the Transition movement from its inception in 2006. She co-founded Transition training and has held groups all over the industrialised world in exploring the need for radical changes to the modern way of life. She encountered Deep Adaptation in 2018 and has offered embodied and other workshops to deepen into this way of understanding and responding to these times of profound change. Jeremy is a wilderness guide and leads regular quests, as well as being involved in Rites of passage work. They have led grief workshops for many years; both are qualified therapists as well as having studied with Joanna Macy, Sobonfu Some, Martin Prechtel and many others.


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