Oct 20, 2019
  • Oct 20, 2019 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
  • Location: Online
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Join us in creating a web-space for emotional and spiritual support for all of us working on and thinking about climate change and environmental justice. This is for those of us who have an inkling that Climate Denial might not just be a corporate and political strategy (though it is that too), but also that denial is a stage of coping with grief and fear, which we all need support with. It's for all of us who yearn to do this work in a way which makes us more emotionally resilient and joyful. This is not a place for frontal learning or arguments about best solutions, but a time in which we'll build upon each other's wisdom, as we share Our Joy, Our Grief, and Our Visions.

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My work here is based on Work That Reconnects as developed by Joanna Macy, informed by work with activist communities in Boston and Detroit, anti-racism and anti-colonial frames, Extinction Rebellion, Deep Adaptation, Ancestral Healing work with Daniel Foor, and training as a psychotherapist and Rabbi. Everyone is invited, whatever your political or religious, or anti-political and anti-religious perspective.

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  •  Thanks for offering another Moshe. I really enjoyed our call this morning. Lure

    • Thank you Lure! The plan is to offer this monthly, it's just that this platform doesn't let me format an offering that way, and I have to put in each meeting, separately.

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