• Jul 23, 2020 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm
  • Location: Zoom
  • Latest Activity: Aug 2, 2020

First of two workshops to help map the inner landscape of collapse. In the first event we explore the foundational practices for navigating collapse and Deep Adaptation. The workshops are free to join. 

Workshop 1 - Islands of Coherence - The Foundational Elements of Deep Adaptation 

Thursday 23rd July 10 am PDT/ 6pm UK/BST - 90 minutes

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Something is happening on Earth. For some it is armageddon, some call it a mass extinction event, or global transformation, collapse, the Anthropocene, or the Great Turning. Many are unconscious of it. What it appears to be, seems very different according to culture, language, education, gender, class, race, age and geographic proximity to its symptoms, as it proceeds unevenly in time, space and awareness. 

For some this event wears the gruesome death mask of ruin and extinction, for others it wears butterfly wings of longed for action, awakening and transformation. 

For many, this collapse event is a constant threat, triggering and re-triggering our nervous system into fight, flight or freeze. It requires us to upgrade our nervous system to maintain a steady awareness and compassion for change, loss and existential threat and uncertainty on this scale. Meanwhile misinformation is being actively pumped into the already highly polluted and fractured information ecosystem. 

There are many perspectives to be taken within collapse awareness, about what it is that is happening, and why, how to best respond, and what to aim or hope for into and beyond collapse. These different, often contradictory perspectives and impulses arise and compete for space within our own personal being, and within the groups and communities of which we are a part. 

Bringing collapse to the centre of our being is highly corrosive of our personal identity, it invites us to bring the collective, transpersonal and global as our first person perspective, to care for the whole as our own self. It requires us to live with profound existential uncertainty and yet to live and act with purpose. It requires us to re-centre and upgrade, to make a whole life response, to deepen and broaden our personal and collaborative capacity in every area of being, all at once.

The workshops 

In these two workshops Dean Walker and Matthew Painton will introduce a map - or model, for languaging the complex, inner psycho-spiritual terrain of collapse, for exploring the different perspectives which arise, and for increasing our capacity to be present, integrated and collaborative in distinctly different areas or ‘frames’ of our being. 

In the first workshop we will explore the foundational skills and practices that appear essential for maintaining a steady awareness of collapse - and establishing islands of coherence in a sea of dissonance and change. In the second, we will look at more advanced transformational practices and the shadows which can arise in each frame. Both events are an invitation to share collective wisdom from a common language.



Workshop 2 - Transformation - Awakening from the Shadow of collapse

Thursday 6th August 10 am PDT / 6pm UK/BST - 90 minutes

To find this date time in your time zone follow this link https://everytimezone.com/s/6814d142

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Dean Spillane-Walker is author of ‘The Impossible Conversation’, podcaster, coach and founder of Living Resilience.

Matthew Painton is a Deep Adaptation coach and founder of the Deep Adaptation Guidance hub.

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  • Hi there,

    I would like to join this workshop but can only do so for an hour as I have the Deep Listening conversation at 2. Is it okay if I jump off at 2 (EST), or is it important that I remain till the end? (In which case I will have to skip - and in whcih case, will there be a recording?)

    Thank you,


    • I'm sorry we double booked the same day - yes please feel free to join and leave early. 

  • Very sorry I cannot join this session - another workshop at exactly the same time on my side...
    But I should be able to make it to the second part!
    Also very keen on hearing about the outcomes of this.

  • Dean and Matthew, I am so gutted that I cannot make the first event - a work thing has come up that will go on into the evening...  I will be with you all in spirit and look forward to hearing all about it 




  • Hi Matthew and Dean!  Thanks so much for the invitation to participate.  Unfortunately, I will be co-hosting a Deep Listening session during the first workshop so will be unable to attend.  Good luck!


  • You know, at first I thought "this might be interesting" but when I read the text I realized I have no clue what you're talking about or doing in these workshops. Am I the only one lacking that info?


    • Hi Barbara – apologies for any lack of clarity. Dean and I come from the understanding that collapse brings profound existential uncertainty into our lives and that there are many possible perspectives and responses which arise within the discomfort of that uncertainty. Also, there are many skills, capacities and processes which can help us to live better lives within that uncertainty, which can be learned and developed. In the workshops we will explore a model which looks at five ‘frames’ in which the different perspectives, responses, skills and capacities arise. This can bring clarity and purpose within what can otherwise be an overwhelming sea of uncertainty, fear, grief and doubt. The model can help us identify where we are vulnerable and need to develop personal and group capacity, and where we are well resourced and can best share and collaborate with others. It can also help us to better understand people holding  very different perspectives from our own.

      The first workshop will explore what we might call foundational processes for coming to terms with what is happening and staying present. The second workshop will explore transformational processes for evoking our full capacity and power as human beings within the global predicament. In both workshops we will invite participants to share in small groups their perspectives, insight and vulnerabilities using the different frames as a reference. There’s a limit to what we can do in two 90 minute workshops but trust they will be useful for framing group dialogue and insight. I hope that helps and matches your first thought - that 'this might be interesting!'. 

    • Thank you, Matthew. This is helpful and gives a clearer picture of the actual content, tools and anticipated goals that'll be part of the workshops. Thanks for clarification. The blurb sounded good but a bit too abstract (at least for me)


  • Hi Dean and Matthew, thankyou for offering these workshops.  I have clicked going for the first one but the link to the second one doesn't seem to be working.  Thankyou again, Elizabeth

This reply was deleted.

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