Professor Jem Bendell and Katie Carr will be delivering this five day course in person for the first time since before the pandemic.

It will be a deep exploration of leadership and communication, in which orthodoxies will be deconstructed so you can more clearly identify a pathway for your future as a leader of societal and organisational change. In particular, you will explore what leadership on ‘Deep Adaptation’ to our environmental crisis can involve, and discover and practice ways of communicating about it that are both impactful and aligned with human rights. This approach is based on the perspective that societal breakdown is either likely, inevitable or already unfolding. 

This course is interdisciplinary and experiential. It artfully combines social theory with relational practice and embodied learning, aiming to create an opportunity for you to examine the nature of leadership for social change. The course offers participants a framework and processes to go deeper, and see their personal, organisational and sectoral situation with fresh eyes. 

The following themes and topics are explored and deconstructed:

  • Leadership (of self and others)
  • The (failure of the) sustainability paradigm
  • Deep Adaptation, a framework for exploring positive responses to societal disruption
  • Strategic yet non-violent communication, at interpersonal and public levels
  • Language and power; understanding ways in which unequal power dynamics are created and reinforced through communication
  • Embodied learning, cultivating intuition, and deep relating
  • Navigating radical uncertainty

9am-6pm each day, at the Lancaster Campus of the University of Cumbria.

Past participants said:

"Amazing facilitation. Extremely open climate. The feeling of being in a safe space."

“[This course] balanced emotion, joy, playfulness, intelligence, curiosity, acceptance, critical thinking, challenge and love.”

"A course that challenges existing narratives about what it is to lead and encourages us to unlearn convention wisdom that might be unhelpful (even harmful) in the uncertain times to come"

"This course was unexpected in the effect it had on me, both as a person and a leader. It helped transform my thinking, especially in terms of what I consider to be the sources of the 'wisdom' I tap into."

More info, and online application, here. Applications still open until the week before the course..

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