Explore what it is to live the principles of Deep Adaptation in practice: in your life, communities and work. With Toni Spencer and team. This 7-week online journey combines personal inquiry, shared experiments and practical action within a vibrant learning community, all of us leaning into the unknown together.*
In this era of Covid19, many of us are being offered an opportunity to face in to troubles more directly while still safe enough to inquire, reflect and make tangible change.*

Resilience - Relinquishment - Restoration - Reconciliation  

Re-membering - Revelation - Receptivity - Reciprocity 

In a time of climate change, ecological depletion and failing systems how do we choose to live?
Within the calls for social and ecological justice, and radical kindness, how are we inspired to be?
You’ll be supported to nourish and challenge yourself in exploring questions such as: How do I / we navigate uncertainty? What do I value most and what can I let go of? What does solidarity look like? We’ll explore practices that support us to be more present, creative, practical and responsive. For more info and for bookings click here

Bringing heads, hearts and hands together.

Courting the otherwise.

Building community.

Join us!

Timing:  Starting April 29th, weekly Wednesday sessions will be from 6.30-9pm BST plus opportunities to meet with peers and share learnings and resources in a designated online space. Last session is 10th June.

You are free to engage as lightly or as fully as suits your circumstances.  

Pricing: Tickets are £210. To allow for more folk to join we also have a range of tickets between £70 and £350 to allow for financial diversity. We trust you to pay the one that reflects the magic equation between your value of our time, preparation and skills + your earnings and outgoings.


“The time has come to galvanize, to realize beyond fantasised futures, the power of our presence”  (From Galvanize, by Toni Spencer)

For more info and for bookings click here

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*This course is adapted from the original design of a 6 month journey combining  a week long residential, online sessions and peer groups. If this is of interest for when it’s possible again to meet in person, do get in touch too.
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