Big changes are on their way in the Deep Adaptation Forum.

In recent months, a participatory process involving several dozen volunteers and other participants has revealed key themes for engagement and action, which are set to shape the future of the Deep Adaptation field.

All of the activities emerging within the various Deep Adaptation groups are coordinated by a small team of freelancers - the core team. During their first Facebook Live event, you will get to meet them, and learn about the new strategic directions that are emerging in the Deep Adaptation ecosystem.

You will also hear about how to join the upcoming Online Open Space event, on June 13th, which is open to the whole Deep Adaptation community, as an invitation to connect and find ways of getting involved in collaborative action around ways of 'deeply adapting' that are meaningful for you.

So if you are a member of the DA Facebook group, please connect on June 8th, at 2pm UTC (your local time here), and ask whatever questions you may have!

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  • Direct link to recording:

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    У групі Deep Adaptation 12 621 учасник. A place for sharing information on our outer and inner deep adaptation to unfolding societal breakdown due to…
  • We're looking forward to 'seeing' you (or being seen by you) in just under two hours. If you have any questions you want to ask any of the DA Forum core team, bring them with you to the event and share them in the live chat. David Baum, DA Forum volunteer, is our host, and will choose the juiciest 🙂

    Here's the event link:

    I have to admit...I'm not quite sure how this will work! Maybe the FB live will appear on that event link, or maybe it will just start in the DA facebook group feed. How exciting!!

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    Переглядайте дописи, світлини та багато іншого на Facebook.
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