• Sep 25, 2021 from 7:00am to 7:00pm
  • Location: Zoom video conference
  • Latest Activity: Sep 9

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Each open space session will be 4 hours long. The first hour is a comprehensive introduction which includes setting the scene, tech troubleshooting and creating the AGENDA WALL. This hour is followed by three consecutive hours of conversation in breakout rooms (~40 minutes), a short break and revising the Agenda Wall to review options and decide what next.

The plan for this event is to be themeless, providing an open opportunity for any attendees to bring questions forward for discussion in the spirit of true open space. Some examples of conversations from previous events include:

  • Integrating / bridging the “being” and the “doing” of DA 
  • Setting up deep adaptation communities and / or centres 
  • Acknowledging and healing the multi-generational trauma of humankind 
  • Embodying Deep Adaptation in our personal lives (ethics, lifestyle, taking care of ourselves) + Tree of Life workshops as a regenerative practice 
  • What did you worry about before Deep Adaptation / climate change, and does it still worry you?
  • Community Building using regenerative strategies 
  • What is the overlapping edge between permaculture and deep adaptation? 

Please bring your creativity and curiosity and consider launching a conversation about what’s important to you.

This conversation is organized by volunteers in the Deep Adaptation Forum. Our shared purpose is embodying and enabling loving responses to our predicament. DAF is an international space to connect people (online and in person) to foster mutual support, collaboration and professional development in the face of climate disruption and likely, inevitable or already unfolding economic and societal collapse. 

English is not your native language? You are invited to set up discussion points in your preferred language and self-organise within the Open Space Technology framework we will create and hold. 

Participation is free. We invite you to donate to support the people and platforms that help build awareness, support our affinity groups and volunteers, enable online and also in-person community (when again possible to do so). You can set up monthly or give one-off donations here. 

Who’s invited? Everyone who cares to engage in this discussion 

When does it happen? Saturday, 25 September 2021-- join one of the sessions or both: 

REGISTER HERE and you will receive details for participating. 

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New to Zoom or had some trouble last time? Tips here: https://goo.gl/5Q8J6j 

New to Open Space Technology event format? Please watch this 8-minute video explainer:

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  • Thank you for this invitation. I am a long-time PATREON supporter of the DAF and have signed up for DAF OST meetings at least twice before but have not been able to show up. Having just finished Jem and Rupert's Deep Adaptation book, I'm newly reinspired, so I'll redouble my efforts to attend no matter what! And thank you very much for keeping the invitation/registration process "in-house" in the DAF and on Zoom instead of using EventBrite.

    • Thanks for your contributions, Susan!

    • You're welcome! :) 

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