• Jan 18, 2021 from 11:00am to 1:00pm
  • Location: Zoom online
  • Latest Activity: Jan 18

Event facilitation: Terry Rankin assisted by ad hoc collaborators. Check local time here.

My sincere and profound apologies for the technical difficulties of being unable to connect to the ive Zoom session. That session has just ended. I will remain live in Zoom for another hour or more if anyone wants to join me here.

Event topic: (In)justice -- in general and with climate and social injustice as cases on point, including practical considerations for providing a loving response to our collapse predicament, i.e., through DA volunteer roles, NVDA (nonviolent direct activism), NVCD (nonviolent civil disobedience), etc. 

The event image is a Bristlecone Pine at Crater Lake OR, USA. Initially, I will open and facilitate the session, then invite and offer cofacilitation ad hoc. I'll keep the session open for the full two hours for guests to come and go as they please. Musical interludes will occur by (co)host selection. 

NB: as these Philosophy Group Monthly Assembly sessions are intended to be both intellectually engaging and practically focused on the Philosophy Group's matters of charter, operations, and practices, each session will automatically be recorded for future reference. Access to these materials after the session is limited to Philosophy Group and other DAF and PN members, and special guest invitees who may not be DAF members. Those event participants may share that access or redistribute the materials at their discretion. If you'd like to attend but prefer not to be recorded under these conditions, please mute your audio and block your video, and limit your interaction to the chat feature only, which will also be made available with the audio and video recording. Any session participant may request suspension of recording for specific periods at any time in the session simply by asking to go "off-record" for a brief period -- e.g., "I'd like to go off-recrod for X minutes." 

May we examine life together to escape being philosophical zombies trapped in Plato's Cave in our time of collapse!

Register here for assembly event participation. Alternatively, you may select "Going" or "Interested" above to receive the session access information prior to the event start time.  


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  • Access (probably viewer-only, not editor) to the session minutes, notes, etc.: 

  • If you're only now interested in attending this event, or may have indicated "Going" or "Interested" on this event post and/or completed the registration form linked to above since 08:00 US EST (13;00 UTC/GMT/UK), please email or text me directly sometime in the next hour and I'll send you the Zoom session links and info. After that, the likelihood of being able to join the event will be very low due to missed communications.  

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