• Sep 15, 2020 from 11:00am to 1:00pm
  • Location: Zoom online
  • Latest Activity: Sep 22, 2020

Viviana Jiménez (for Business & Finance) and Terry Rankin (for Philosophy) will cohost the event. Please contact them for more information or details, for questions, concerns, etc. Check the local times for the event



  • In offering this event, neither the cohosts nor the Business & Finance and Philosophy groups, nor DA in general, is offering any form of investment guidance, counsel, advice, etc.
  • Primary concerns for discussion are the moral, ethical, and to some extent the practical (if any) role so-called precious metals may or may not have in our time of collapse.
  • The aim of the event is to identify any resonance on one hand, or dissonance on the other, between precious metals per se and DA’s principles of compassion, curiosity, and respect, especially relative to the 4Rs and such matters as scarcity, hoarding, speculation, etc.

The event is a Zoom session in an 'open space' context. The topical focus for the discussion concerns the business, financial, and other practical aspects of precious metal investment in our time of social, cultural, institutional, and civilization collapse, in addition to moral, ethical, and other philosophical considerations on the topic. 

To learn more about how open space gatherings are done, please see one or more of the following:

The session will open with centering in group presence and check-in. The agenda will then be defined by session attendees collectively. The cohosts will facilitate this process, including scheduling the agenda items for discussion. Centering, check-in, and setting the agenda should take about 30-minutes, followed by two 40-minute discussions about the items on the agenda. The number of attendees will guide how that will be done, e.g., using breakout rooms or not. A short break will follow the opening centering and check-in, and another will be taken between the two discussion sessions. 

Attendees are not required or expected to have any professional, academic, or other experience or expertise in business, finance, or philosophy in general, nor about precious metals in particular. Event guests who may wish to learn more are invited to consider these related materials for additional perspective.  

The day before the event (on 14 September), the Zoom link will be sent to all who select "Going" or "Interested." 

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  •  Sincerest apologies, but I ma unable to join Precious Metals in Times of collapse today.

  • Hi - this looks great but I can't make it.  Will it be recorded?  If so, how do I locate the vid afterwards?  



    • At the beginning of the Zoom session, we (Viviana and I) will ask permission to record the session. If a large majority agree, we'll record the session. Where it will appear, if it's recorded, isn't settled yet, but I'll let the members of the DAFPN Philosophy group know, and I'm sure Viviana will do the same for the Business & Finance group. 


    • Hi Terry, I'm in neither the AFPN Philosophy group or the Business & Finance group but I was unable to attend and would love to listen to the recording if available. Would you let me know where it is if recorded? Thank you

  • where will the link for this event be found?  thank you

    • Last line of the post: "The day before the event (on 14 September), the Zoom link will be sent to all who select "Going" or "Interested." 

      You can select "Going" or "Interested" at the top of the event posting. 

This reply was deleted.

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