• Jan 24, 2020 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm
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Caroline teaches at the University of Bath & is a member of the Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) Executive Committee; academic & psychotherapist. She is researching children & young people’s feelings about the climate and biodiversity crisis in the UK, Maldives & Bangladesh to explore different narratives, images and defences against the 'difficult truth' of the climate and bio-diversity crisis and climate anxiety. She is passionate about getting ‘under the surface’ metaphorically and literally.

Caroline has been recording a podcast series with CPA ‘Climate Crisis Conversations – Catastrophe or Transformation’ and working with other members of CPA to develop their therapeutic outreach including work with schools, setting up climate café’s, supporting youth school strikers, parent support groups & working with Greenpeace to develop alternative education for young people in response to the climate emergency

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  • I"m very glad to know this will be recorded since I'll need to step away before the full hour.

    I am most interested in how to prepare younger children for the future, with both soft and hard skills.  I teach K-6 in a school in New Mexico, US, which is made up of at least 75% Latino and immigrant kids. Many have heard of climate disruption but just as many have not or only slightly.  Many also have family trauma and poverty.  I don't feel that I would teach them about the climate crisis except in a broad way, though I could be wrong about that. I do respond to their questions about it honestly and gently.  My overarching question is,  what can I do to prepare them? 


    • Check out www.joyality.org  and ask them about their joyality 4 kids program  it's all around adaptation and transformation for and with the earth around the climate and ecological challenges from the kids to adults, parents, professionals and everyone 

      EMPOWERING CONSCIOUS CHANGEMAKERS The Joyality Program is your Toolkit for Empowerment, Connection & Conscious Action.
    • The link has no &nbsp at the end  just finishes with .org

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  • Hi Caroline :-). Forward question: how do you see/feel panic, anxiety and depression as subtle variations of denial? And how do you work with these while realising we may literally only have a couple of years?

    • Check out empathy cafes   bit.ly/empathycafe 

      Look up empathy circle 


      To build a movement of active listeners to help each other move through the pain fear denial.. into transformed active hope 

      Empathy Cafe Melbourne
      Details Have you been to an Empathy Café before? You are invited to the first Empathy Café (possibly Melbourne’s First ever!). Here you will get t…
  • Will this be recorded for listening afterwards? I think it's at 1am in my timezone.

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