• Jun 13, 2020 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm
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  • Latest Activity: Jun 13, 2020

Elsie Luna is an 11 year old activist who has been a key organiser and spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion Youth. She was one of the first UK strikers for Fridays For the Future and co-founded and co-coordinates Extinction Rebellion Kids. British, Colombian and American, Elsie brings a global perspective to our predicament.

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  • Thanks to Jem, Matthew, and whoever else is doing tech support for making this video available so promptly, and kudos to my fellow Californian  who managed the early hour more successfully than I was able to do!  It was affirming to me, a 70-year-old grandmother of five, to hear Elsie raise the same objections about XR (government solutions, consensus positions) as I've had. I joined, locally and globally, but I've never been to a meeting. I, too, value local action and individual initiative. It's not efficient, but efficiency is a machine value, not a human value. If we take a lesson from permaculture, perhaps we will learn to value redundancy and diversity instead.

  • Misleading instructions. You not only have to be a forum member to even see the button "Going", you also have to be logged in. Then follows the usual dance to change a lost password... it's a good test of Buddhist equanimity and compassion

  • I belive there is a need to learn from young people, to evolve so called "prefigurative culture": https://dictionary.apa.org/prefigurative-culture

    APA Dictionary of Psychology
    A trusted reference in the field of psychology, offering more than 25,000 clear and authoritative entries.
  • Here is an article on Elsie just published 


    Learning to rebel
    As a response to collective failure to move adequately towards sustainability, youth movements have grown. This article explores the experiences of o…
  • Question: Is it OK to share this with people outside the DA Forum?

    • Yes, but only members of this forum will get the link to join. Hopefully some will bring their kids?!

  • Here is an interview with Katie Carr by an 11 year old. https://open.spotify.com/episode/7yHfUT2G0zITa8wdmmjWRg#_=_ 

    Perhaps bring your children to the Q&A with Elsie next month?


    • Unfortunately, I was 20 minutes late joining the Zoom meeting, because of urgent domestic matters. When I tried to join I just got a message saying the meeting was locked.  It was not a nice message.

This reply was deleted.

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