• May 8, 2020 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm
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John Doyle is Sustainable Development Policy Coordinator of the European Commission, Information Society and Media Directorate-General. Currently he is working on mainstreaming Sustainable Development in the Information Society Directorate General with special emphasis on Business Partnerships to address Energy and Climate Security.


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  • Hi, thanks for that! I just listened to the whole discussion. I noticed I perked up a bit when XR was mentioned towards the end. One of the things I find brilliant about them is, that as you say in the discussion, it is the journey people take through joining with XR, the building community around the activism, which is important. They are starting to talk about Regenerative Cultures which I think is great - and doesn't detract from the reality of societal collapse, it's just a way of making the best of a bad mess.  I love Daniel Wahl's book "Designing Regenerative Cultures" and as part of the education group I love the idea of moving towards these ideas in schools. Obviously schools themselves are part of the problem, but using the horizon framework we can go for some Horizon 2+ work trying to disrupt schools. Well maybe schools are already more permanently disrupted than we can imagine because of COVID-19. Anyway, it's far too late, and I will stop this conversation with myself, and get some rest before a LIFE 2020 webinar tomorrow which may be the key to funding our future regenerative agriculture and education project in Aragon, Spain. Let's take schools outside, and learn by regenerating ecosystems with our hands in the soil. If you want to know more about me boodaville.org. You may or may not find what you are looking for. Among other things, I need a new website. 


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  • I would like to participate but it will be 3 am. I will watch on you tube. Thanks.

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