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RadJoy aims to give people the opportunity to deeply connect with natural places that have been damaged through human or natural acts. 

Spending time in these wounded places, we expose our hearts to difficult feelings of loss and guilt; listen to the land and to one another; and open ourselves to possibilities for finding and creating beauty there.

In this way, we recognize that all of nature is part of the cycle of life, as are we.

By practicing the simple act that is the 'Earth Exchange' in a wounded place, we consiocusly turn toward the woundedness, be it a dump site, a fracking pad, a polluted river or a burning forest, and allow its woundedness to truly enter into our hearts. 

This mini-workshop will be a chance to talk with experienced Exchange hosts and guides, and learn how to undertake your own Earth Exchanges. 

In these Coronadays we recognise how woundedness has many forms, in the land itself and in our own ways of being. We invite you to come into the Circle and open to how the Earth Exchange can be a creative and loving act of beauty, moving through woundedness into healing. 

To receive the Zoom link, please click on the "Going" button, and we'll send the link out to you. 
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Your hosts: 

Sasha has been undertaking Earth Exchanges for many years in The Ozarks in the USA and in many places around the land. Sasha's experience in midwifery and Reiki brings compassion for the land and for the stories participants bring to the events. She holds truth, wounds and healing in tender care. She is a trusted Guide of the heart and is ever ready to guide new hosts in the how-to of hosting their own Earth Exchanges. Sasha is a volunteer for PDA and is active in the DA Profession Ning site.

Jess Kovach has facilitated Earth Exchanges in her home area of Florida, and around the world in such diverse places as Viet Nam and Spain. For her, storytelling and community are central to the healing and integration that is possible through an Earth Exchange. She is a community activist for the Earth, and supports work for Rights of Nature. 

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  • We are looking forward to seeing you later for this friendly how-to! We have sent the link out to everyone who has clicked Going. Please let me know if you are looking for the link and not finding it. 


    • I got the time wrong so sadly wont be joining you. I hope there'll be another opportunity to join. Cindy 

    • Hi Cindy,
      This coming Sunday is the beginning of "Global Earth Exchange" week and there are quite a few online activities being hosted through the Facebook page-- you can see them here https://www.facebook.com/events/267151607761173/ 

      Also, Jess and I are planning to host another Zoom event for  people in the DA community to get together on Zoom after the Global Earth Exchange and to share a photo and story of their own personal Earth Exchange. We don't  have the date set yet, but it will be at least a couple weeks from now.
      The Earth Exchange is easy to do and you can follow the description on the Radical Joy website if you'd like to give it a try. Many of the participants in these Zoom calls have also been doing other Earth practices and so have found the Earth Exchange to be very intuitive. https://radicaljoy.org/practice/ 
      Also, yes, we will have another Intro to the practice for the DA community.. date uncertain, but perhaps in about a month. I've had another request for that as well, and I'll be sure to let you know. 

      Hope to see you and share our connection with the Earth! 


      Making Beauty for a World of Hurt: 2020 Global Earth Exchange
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