Most western citizens have no idea that their armed forces are preparing for collapse, but it's out there on government websites.  And of course governments know more than they are telling us.  It's a perfect breeding ground for conspiracy theories. 

But are there risks from 'excessive' or 'unmanaged' transparency, for instance in social unrest, public mental health or economic volatility?  What does the responsible disclosure of existential climate risk look like?  Or is the upper end of 'not enough' disclosure already 'too much' for the common good?

The Cadence Roundtable is there for anyone interested in government and policy responses to environmental breakdown. You're welcome to join our monthly 60-minute Zoom calls, whether you're inside or outside the public sector.  Bring your own thoughts and test them out, or just come to question or to listen.

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  • I'm really sorry not to be able to come to this, as it's a subject close to my heart (especially having been involved in issues of government policy around information, in the past). Unfortunately it clashes with a recovery group I help run at 7pm, so I won't be able to attend - but if there are notes, I'd be really grateful to see them?   (Paul Bodenham, I think we might have had exchanges in the past over DAF Interfaith, and/or Green Christian, by the way - was that you? and your name was mentioned to me by John Payne when I was being interviewed for a little admin work the other day). Good to see you around DAF!

    • Hi Cat, we haven't written events up until now, but we do need to start.  Keep an eye out at

      Yes, that's me in Green Christian - I did pick something up that you were joining us.  See you soon!

      Cadence Roundtable
      Environmental breakdown: professional peer-support, policy and practice
  • Hi Terry, very relevant - I include surveilance capitalism in a report I am writing on using internaitonal human rights law to fight advertising's promotion of exessive consumption and all its myriad human rights and climatic impacts (being published in Feb). On another note, I joined your philosophy group. I am a co-organizer of a philosophy group in Seattle (now gone worldwide as is all on zoom) and am hosting one on anarchist philosophy 20th Jan if you want to join us! Having started to really research anarchsism for the debate, I see aspects of it as really revelant for DA.

    • Elizabeth -- Great! Where do I sign up for your 20 Jan event? I hope to see you in our 18 Jan monthly Philosophy Group assembly

      Philosophy Group: Monthly Assembly 2021-1
      Event facilitation: Terry Rankin assisted by ad hoc collaborators. Check local time here.  Event topic: (In)justice -- in general and with climate an…
    • Hi Terry, here is the anarchist philosophy debate details - great if you can make it. Just request to join the group and then you can add your name to the event.

      Paul you are most welcome also of course - but is at 3am UK time - I have been doing them for months now, so am used to a 2.30am alarm :)

      And yes your meeting 18th is in my diary Terry. Look forward to it.

      Anarchist Philosophy
      Wed, Jan 20, 2021, 7:00 PM: Wednesday 20th January 7pm PST/Thursday 21st January 3am GMTAnarchist philosophy is often dismissed as violent, chaotic a…
  • I'm looking forward to the upcoming Roundtable events. Reading about this one in April reminded me of a book by Shoshana Zuboff, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power (January 15, 2019). Quite relevant to the shadow dynamics at the heart of this topic, I think. The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of… The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power eBook: Zuboff, Shoshana: Kindle Store
  • Hi Paul - have not yet read this report but it may be relevant to this discussion:

    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Is the Coronavirus Catalyzing New Civic Collaborations for Open Government?

    From blurb: The coronavirus pandemic has generated a surge in public demand for government transparency and accountability. To seize this window for reform, elite and grassroots civic actors concerned with open governance must overcome the cleavage that has long existed between them...In addition to its assessment of the question regarding elite-grassroots dynamics in the domain of civic activism on open governance, this paper contributes to early assessments of the anticipated impacts of COVID-19 on democracy and governance. For example, this research documents some ways in which civic space restrictions are becoming harsher during the pandemic.

    Is the Coronavirus Catalyzing New Civic Collaborations for Open Government?
    The pandemic is spurring elite and grassroots civic actors to cooperate more, but the gulf between them remains wide. Civic actors must seize the opp…
  • The "government webites" link in your post fails. One site I rely on to track US military perspective on the climate crisis is The Center for Climate and Security. It's public-facing, and like the IPCC (and consistent with your notion that what is known by the elite is far more thorough and precise than we are being told), this source is also likely to be only partial truth at best, or worse, deliberate mendacity. 

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