In Late May to Mid-June 2020, the Global Teach-In network will organize one to two Global Teach-Ins on the theme, #democratizethecrisis. By “democratize the crisis” we mean that greater public input and directive power in the form of knowledge, political engagement and capacities development can assist in providing the accelerated yet comprehensive response to the crisis. By “capacities development” we mean that the individual as worker, entrepreneur, banker, renter, consumer, user, voter, monitor etc. We also mean reflective deliberation by the public on information necessary for guiding democratic practice and practical solutions. We will link experts, policy makers, activists and diverse constituency groups in a global discussion on how to address five interconnected aspects of the corona virus crisis. A multi-hour interactive broadcast will show how health, environmental, labor, peace and innovation policies can be linked on a local, regional, national and global basis, departing from five key themes:

  • First, alternative land use, food and farming policies which would help limit or mitigate future virus crise The basic goal is to reduce the erosion of natural environments which produce greater exposure to wild animals that are virus carriers.
  • Second, conversion and innovation policies build on a diversity of innovation and production platforms which can be used to develop products like defensive shields, face masks and ventilators or alternative energy and mass transit alternative to fossil fuel use. We need a peace budget to fund alternative
  • Third, alternative platforms for government aid distribution potentially involve employee and community ownership as well as other measures including: nationalization, rent strikes, community food mobilization and mortgage deferments.
  • Fourth, social forecasting, a term that can be used to describe the necessity to bridge specialized knowledge about threats (like terrorism, climate change, life threatening viruses and the like) to a network that links diverse and general publics to specialized expertise.
  • Fifth, the permanent mobilization of citizens in the workplace, political spaces and media, creating a global media network that can support citizen actions like cooperatives, strikes, and a cooperative media space.

For more information and to identify participating cities, go to: http://www.globalteachin.com/

 To participate, contact your local organizer or the Global Teach-In using one of these methods: Twitter: @globalteachin

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/globalteachin/ Email: globalteachin@gmail.com

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