• Oct 26, 2021 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Location: Zoom
  • Latest Activity: Oct 26

The rising chaos and uncertainty today are pressing us to evolve our consciousness. Our current civilization has become stuck in ways of knowing and being that fragment our psyches, while blocking and blinding us to wholeness. Yet wholeness, the life force of the Earth, never stops flowing through and sustaining us, even when we are in pain or distress. To connect with wholeness, we need to re-awaken diverse modes of knowing and being and integrate them through self-awareness. These modes of knowing and being include intuitive, instinctual, embodied intelligence while also applying reasoning and logical thinking.

9699612663?profile=RESIZE_584xThe Resonance Code is a rebirth of I Ching (the Book of Change), a Chinese classic and one of Earth’s most ancient cosmologies. Imparting the principles of the Tao, The Resonance Code enables us to observe and embody wholeness in our daily life. It helps us to activate the native intelligence embedded in our intuitions, instincts, and impulses, and weave it with the thought process in our rational mind. In this way, we are connected and energized by the wisdom of Earth Mother, our greatest ally in navigating through the evolutionary challenges confronting us.

This workshop will have two parts. Dr. Spring Cheng, creator of the Resonance Code, will present the first part: Introduction to the Resonance Code.

In this session, we will explore:

  • The basic vocabulary of the Resonance Code, and the philosophy of wholeness rooted in Taoism

  • Qigong practices that activate energetic meridians and move primordial life force

  • Bringing awareness to impulses hidden in our unconscious and listening to its inherent wisdom relevant to the struggles we are facing

This session will be highly experiential. We will move, enact and be playful. Please make a small space around the screen for movement and physical interaction.


Call time: Oct.26, from 3pm to 5pm UTC. See your local start time here.


In a follow-up session (date TBD), Dorian Cave will present the second part of this workshop: an introduction to I Ching reading, using the Resonance Code.


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