• Nov 30, 2021 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Location: Zoom
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Beyond an absence of symptoms, what might a deeper sense of “Well Keeping” be in these times?
Thank you for your interest in this two hour session exploring the ancient practice of “Well-Keeping” in times of uncertainty. Check your time here. To join us you will need to register on Eventbrite using this link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/194434086587. An email will then be sent to you from Eventbrite confirming your registration. Scroll down that email and you'll find the Zoom link you need to join the gathering.
For some of us, traveling the road that led to joining the DA Facebook Page was emotionally and mentally challenging and had a profound impact on our physical bodies. For many of us, the journey has involved a descent that recalibrated our inner and outer worlds.
“It’s almost impossible to be ‘healthy’ if you define it as a relationship with yourself without acknowledging that you’re part of a larger ‘culture’ including both the human and nonhuman” ~ Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
In the context of societal collapse being likely, inevitable or unfolding, beyond fixing and curing, how might we engage with a deeply adapted experience of healing and health?
Using myth, archetypes and somatic experience, this session explores what being at, and tending “The Well” might mean and why it matters in these times. Myths were written at a time of transition, the end of an older world. Their themes of loss, tragedy and conflict seem prescient as well as ancient in our own current, stormy times.
Mythically, Wells were “tended” in ancient Britain by “The Well Maidens”. The Maidens were “the voices” of the Well Waters and their specific role was to offer nourishment and a drink of “Well-Water” from their golden cups to passing travellers. But as the story has been told, the Well Maidens were raped, and their golden cups stolen. The sacred Wells abandoned, they fell into disrepair and access lost to their watery depths.
Myth and indigenous stories are often dismissed as whimsical fancy while the lies so ubiquitous in our political culture are referred to as myths. Myths may be many things, but they are not lies. An aspect of this work is restoring proper integrity to ancient myths and indigenous stories.
You are warmly invited to join Sarah-Jane Menato and Olivia Crooks for an interactive and somatic exploration of the nourishment and insight restoring the practice of “Well Keeping” in these times might enable.

In case you are feeling overwhelmed, or think that you might be at risk because of strong emotions, here is a resource that may help you cope better in the moment. And here is a link to other sources of emotional support.

This event is hosted by “DA Facilitators” (www.deepadaptation.info/contact/facilitation), who lovingly volunteer their time and expertise for events as their way of honoring DAF’s mission, embodying and enabling loving responses to our predicament. This event is offered in the spirit of the gift economy. If you appreciate this offering and are able to support the Deep Adaptation Forum, please do so here: https://opencollective.com/deep-adaptation-forum/projects/spirit-of-generosity
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