• Jun 15, 2021 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm
  • Location: Zoom
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Climate change adaptation has long been the poorer cousin of carbon reduction.  More recently climate resilience has become a buzz word and is starting to gain profile.  What is that we hope for when we talk of resilience? What do we think is possible and what do we need to do to get there? 

Looking at the classic definition of resilience, it feels important to question whether this term gives the correct framing in the global context of early stage climate decline.  Adaptation implies an objective of changing our society to meet a new steady state climate and resilience implies bouncing back to a steady state.  Both of these also give the impression of a manageable problem – an inadequate reflection of where we are and where we are headed  Do we need a new approach that will inform policy and practice in a way that better incorporates uncertainty?  In this session we will unpick the assumptions and theories that sit behind notions of resilience and consider realistic approaches to preparedness that match the problems we face.  With these approaches we will think through the practical work that is needed to get us nearer to that state.

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  •  I'm a little concerned that this is  the 3rd Cadence event I've tried to attend, and clicked 'going' on, but received no joining zoom details. I wonder if there are others in my shoes? might be worth checking....

  • Hi - I'm hoping to be at this but havent had any joining details that I can find...catturner@manx.net


    • Hi Cat, sorry about that (and to anyone else seeking to join).  We were advised to remove the Zoom link from our event post for security reasons, but a comms mishap at our end meant we didn't let registrants know.  We are now using Eventbrite for our events, so in future we'll include a link on DAF event posts to Eventbrite.


    • No problem, and thanks for letting me know! Best, Cat

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