• Aug 29, 2020 from 7:00am to 7:00pm
  • Location: Zoom video conference
  • Latest Activity: Aug 30, 2020

Deep Adaptation Forum Online Open Space -- A group of DA volunteers are excited to invite you to an online Open Space event to collectively inspire and create awareness-based deep adaptive action. We aim to: 

  • Rekindle the flames of passion that brought us to Deep Adaptation.
  • Reconnect to share our questions, answers, and what we’ve learned or unlearned. 
  • Re-engage to explore actions to prepare our whole selves for oncoming collapse.
  • Reunite in the 4R community to uplift and edify ourselves and others facing this crisis. 

We are hoping that through this online event, more of us on the Professions' Network and in other DAF online spaces will find ways to take part in - or initiate - meaningful group activities, new projects, and gatherings. As the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis keep worsening, how can we face increasing disruptions to societies worldwide, while still upholding a spirit of compassion, curiosity and respect? We look forward to exploring this together.

To prepare for this gathering you may want to read, or re-read, The Love in Deep Adaptation – A Philosophy for the Forum by Jem Bendell and Katie Carr. 

English is not your native language? You are invited to set up discussion points in your own language and self-organise within the Open Space framework we will create and hold. 

Who’s invited? Anyone participating in DAF online spaces (the Profesions' Network, groups on Facebook and LinkedIn) is warmly invited. 

When does it happen? Saturday, 29th of August 2020 -- pick a session or join both: 

Please sign up for the event, and you will receive details for participating.
REGISTER HERE: https://forms.gle/cZ2ETin3B7x4M51v8
 [RSVP in upper right corner on this page does not count.] 

New to Zoom or had some trouble last time? Tips here: https://goo.gl/5Q8J6j

New to Open Space Technology? Watch this 8-minute video explainer: 

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  • This is what participants shared at the end of session #2: As a result of this gathering…

    • I feel less alone and more connected. 
    • I feel less alone.
    • I am re-vivified. 
    • I feel at home with other DA members.
    • I am reminded of the growing community of people who ‘get it’ and are committed to feeling the grief and living into a new story. 
    • I have questions answered and steps forward that I was seeking. 
    • I feel connected, seen and inspired which supports me in bringing my work more deeply to my community. 
    • I have connected with many people I didn't know yet, and with whom I felt a strong sense of mutual resonance and belonging. 
    • I re-discovered the value of joy and laughter in the face of collapse.
    • I feeling more connected to DA Forum and folks involved — interested in doing more!
    • I am more excited than ever that YES WE CAN create a new story for humanity, and for saving ALL life on Earth. Onward!!! 
    • I am feeling inspired. 
    • ….more connected to Team Human. 
    • I come to feel less alone, to feel met emotionally, intellectually, spiritually in facing reality. 
    • I am lighter with confidence. 
    • I felt inspired, reassured and understood to further my question into the collapse-story, to go out there and find a new narrative and join the people around me. 
    • I will become more active in PDA.
    • I feel connected with kindred spirits, and see a path forward. 
    • I have a wonderful humility at the depth and richness brought by all the participants. 
    • I have made connections to continue the work of grieving and meaning making around DA. 
    • I remember I can feel Earth connection, community, ancestral and spiritual presence. 
    • Renewed hope. 
    • I am remembering NOW, and that is all I ever yearn to do in this present moment! 
    • Thank you all! 
    • I feel love for my fellow travelled.
    • Thanks to all!!!!
    • An observation: most of the participants (here and below) completed the sentence "As a result of this gathering…" starting with "I..", expressing individual perspective -- although that prompt is completely open-ended. 

      I wonder how to tweak it next time, or how to make it more clear that not only individual perspective is welcome? There is probably some kind of shared identity we could all express, starting with "we" or similar.

      For humans, "Our fundamental adaptation is teamwork." -- Herbert Gintis. How it that playing out in Deep Adaptation Forum?

  • Sorry to miss this, please keep me in the loop?
    Tony Budak

  • Session #1 done, this is what participants shared at the end: As a result of this gathering…

    • I feel slightly more connected than before. 
    • I've co-hosted the fist online DAF online open space and possibly supported others to do it too.
    • I feel I'm more aware of a wider range of viewpoints in a way that I wouldn't have if it was more geographical restricted.
    • I have more questions than answers but a renewed enthusiasm for engaging deeply with those questions. 
    • I feel less enthused about Deep Adaptation. I liked the technical breakout room system, but felt there was little new said.
    • I’ll keep in mind that I cannot drink the ocean even though I’m convinced that it would be necessary. I have a new format to iterate with. 
    • I feel softer, and somehow bolder, than I was before. 
    • Just a thank you.
    • I feel admiration, I will explore a way of providing ‘eco-reconnection’ spaces for DA, and I feel sad :( 
    • I learned a lot. 
    • I am reminded that resilience is a privilege. 
    • I will be looking for the DP Affiliated Groups. 
    • If this was experimental it was successful. I am involved in many diverse groups so I may not be a regular attendee but I wish you all well whatever you do. To use the cliché every bit counts. Thank you. 
    • Thank you, this was very well organised. 
    • Thanks for the deep sharing and for organizing, hosting and facilitating this opportunity.
  • One more week to go... we are gathering next Saturday! 

    To prepare for this network weaving and sense-making event you may want to flip through: The Tao of Holding Space by Chris Corrigan

  • Two more weeks to go to Deep Adaptation network waving event. Consider joining us for exploration-to-action sense-making conversations -- and bring your own topic! Hope to see you (screen)face to (screen) face :) 

    "What future are YOU living into being?" asks this short film, taken from an interview with Culture Designer / Evolutionary Joe Brewer, done about a year before Deep Adaptation paper was shared by Jem Bendell

    LIVING INTO BEING from Katie Teague on Vimeo.

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