Apr 6, 2019 to Jun 22, 2019

"Vulture is an on and off-line experiential co-inquiry into the textures of our troubled times. This course is a 90 day journey of intimate inquiry and intentional uncertainty and an attempt to 'skill up' in matters of love, grief and listening to the other/wise. This is a call to turn and face the inescapable themes of breakdown and demise that now confront us, and to listen for what might be wanting to emerge. It is a call to meet a world wilder than our plots of survival, more complex than our algorithms, and more surprising and flirtatious than we can imagine. This is action research, grief tending, ritual making and possibility. A simultaneously fierce and tender approach to knowing what it means to be human today and embracing the possibility that we might not be at the centre of things after all."

"The Course is for you if...

  • Your worldview is crumbling, or perhaps you feel alone in the understandings you have. You long for a time of radical kinship, kindness and coming down to earth.
  • You identify as a professional activist, artist, academic, community leader, facilitator, culture builder, organizational professional or are in transition to a new shape of practice.
  • You understand that the Anthropocene – this time of tragic loss and porous boundaries – demands a keening of our social justice and ecological imaginations, but are unsure about how to frame responsiveness in this time. You're keen to be part of a collective action research endeavour to re-frame activism, agency and change beyond what we've known and done so far.
  • You're confused, worn out or on the verge of giving up your badge as a change agent and you long for a space to unravel and re-member. You want a generative space to grieve, to love, play and to weave new movements of being human.
  • You're keen to explore the fertile margins between existing conversations about ecosystem and social collapse / de-colonialism / deep ecology / regenerative design / mysticism and shamanism / deconstruction and destruction of capitalism.
  • You understand this to be no time for pretense or grandiosity, for hiding or playing small, for being right or wrong, and are ready to bring more of you to courtship with the otherwise."

This course combines on-line forums, bi-weekly zoom calls and invitations for embodied action research in your own locality.

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