• Jan 28, 2021 from 12:00am to 12:00pm
  • Location: via Zoom, link sent on registration
  • Latest Activity: Jan 12
For people who are learning to live from the perspective of Deep Adaptation, to gather in community and reflect together. This will be a space where you can share your feelings and lived experiences in dealing with potential, probable, or inevitable collapse of ecosystems and societies, without self-censoring. Speaking and listening from the heart, we will create community, solidarity, and wisdom for this challenging journey.
Come to any or all of 3 circles, Thursdays Jan 28/Feb25/March25 2021. 90 minutes, 10:30am PST, 7:30pm CEST. Check your start time here: https://everytimezone.com/s/96381173
Important note: please come ready to give your full attention to the Circle. This process is not compatible with
multi-tasking, coming late or leaving early. Please turn on your camera if your internet signal allows.
We gather in a (virtual) Circle, which allows for meaningful sharing and the power of being heard, as well as learning from others as they speak. Our Circle format is based on the Way of Council, an ancient/modern practice for connection and wisdom.
The four intentions of Council are:
Speak from the heart.
Listen from the heart.
Be lean of speech.
Be spontaneous.
We practice the Deep Adaptation values of compassion, curiosity, and respect.
We are inspired by the 4 R’s of Deep Adaptation:
Resilience: What do we most value that we want to keep and how?
Relinquishment: What could we let go of so as not to make matters worse?
Restoration: What could we bring back to help us with these difficult times?
Reconciliation: With what and whom shall we make peace as we awaken to our mutual mortality?
Register here: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/pda/469611
You will receive a Zoom link and reminders on registration.
**If you are currently in acute crisis emotionally or psychologically, this session is not appropriate. In case you are feeling overwhelmed, or think that you might be at risk because of these emotions, here is a resource that may help you cope better in the moment. And here is a link to other sources of emotional support, from Jem Bendell’s website.
This event is hosted by “DA Facilitators” (www.deepadaptation.info/contact/facilitation), a group of facilitators, space-holders and trainers, supported by the DAF Core Team, who lovingly volunteer their time and expertise to support the wider DA community. This event is offered in the spirit of 'dana' - the Buddhist practice of giving. If you wish to support the Deep Adaptation Forum, you can do so here: https://www.patreon.com/deepadaptation.
Terry LePage creates spaces for connection, healing, insight, and inspiration. With a PhD in chemistry and a Masters of Divinity, she combines heart and head in teaching and facilitation. She has worked as a transitional minister and hospice chaplain. She lives in Southern California and is currently working for worker and immigrant rights and leading groups for Nonviolent Communication, Way of Council, Grief Gratitude and Courage (for grief other than personal bereavement), and Staying Awake (to racism and injustice). She finds renewal and solace in the wild lands of coastal California and in her native garden.
Birgitta Schomaker,MSc was born and raised in the Netherlands. Her childhood memories revolve around her experience of wonder and deep connection with trees and plants. As a teenager, seeing the damage done to animals from industrial farming had a deep impact on her. Currently Birgitta, a social psychologist, offers her expertise in designing and facilitating gatherings for grassroots organizations like Extinction Rebellion. Also working as a career coach and leadership development trainer in the corporate world, she enjoys the variety of circles and peoples she is in touch with. Some of her passions include a quest for "decolonization", honoring indigenous perspectives and caring for social justice.
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