The Professions' Network: Purpose and Objectives

This site is the Professions' Network of the Deep Adaptation Forum.

Its purpose is to enable its members to envision the prospect of climate-induced societal collapse in a spirit of compassion, curiosity and respect, while networking, starting new projects, and co-creating useful resources for various fields of expertise and activity.

We concentrate mainly on:

  • hosting regular video meetings among our members;
  • managing jointly edited documents on relevant resources, initiatives, and knowledge needs;
  • enabling in-person dialogues within local communities and professional sectors;
  • and maintaining an event calendar.

The Forum is not a space for:

  • debating climate science;
  • disputing whether societal collapse is likely to occur;
  • or arguing that near-term human extinction is now inevitable.

Such discussions occur in many other places, and instead, this Forum is solely dedicated to serving those who wish to explore collapse-readiness in all its potential forms, from the practical to the emotional and spiritual.

This network is currently for people over the age of 18, while we recommend www.fridaysforfuture.org as a network for youth to engage in.

If you are mainly interested in discussing these topics, but not yet actively working on them or planning to, we recommend you join the Deep Adaptation Facebook group instead.

If you are looking for a Deep Adaptation group in your region, language or topic of interest, please check the Deep Adaptation Groups Network list here.

To simply receive a summary of outputs, highlights and future events from the Deep Adaptation Forum and its associated networks, subscribe to the Deep Adaptation Quarterly.


Engaging with the climate emergency can give rise to difficult emotions. For emotional support, see Jem Bendell’s list of resources.

In particular, we recommend the Individual Therapeutic Support provided by the Climate Psychology Alliance.

If you, or someone you know, are feeling suicidal emotions in relation to the climate emergency, please consider contacting a suicide helpline in your country. Here is a list provided by Facebook.
More advice here.

The volunteers and admins of this forum are not trained or funded for offering support in such circumstances.


People who are alive to the likelihood of society collapsing in our lifetimes will not be alone for long. But for now, we are few and far between. In most professional circles this topic remains taboo, and certainly not a priority within strategies, budgets or meetings. This situation means people find it challenging to work on the professional implications of their concerns. This forum responds to that need by connecting those who are alive to likely collapse to work together now and thereby mark the way for their colleagues to follow in time.

To extend the glide of our societies and soften their crash, the goal must be for every professional association, think tank, trade union, and research institute, to develop their own work on collapse-readiness. Before that happens, we can connect around the world and support each other to play a role in our professions and locations when the time arrives.

Participation is free. We invite a diversity of opinion, including a diversity of political approaches, so long as these do not advocate forms of fascism or violent conflict. We invite participants to employ the Deep Adaptation framework in their approach on this Forum. That means basing our exchanges on an acceptance that societal collapse is ahead of us, and at times exploring what the concepts of resilience, relinquishment, restoration and reconciliation could mean for our profession or interest. This is different from the mainstream research and policy community on adaptation to climate change, which is based on the assumption that our current society can continue, rather than collapse. Therefore, we recommend you read the Deep Adaptation paper and blog on Reconciliation before participating in the Forum.


The Forum was founded by Professor Jem Bendell and is funded by donations from private individuals. We welcome any enquiries from potential donors to further expand the Forum and related activities on the Deep Adaptation agenda. 

Forum managers can provide technical support and can be contacted at help@deepadaptation.info.

DAF core team activities are currently coordinated by the Acting Coordinator, which is a position revolving among its members, and who reports to the Project Founder. In order to diversify the people who have visible roles within the forum, and seek wider input on its direction, a DAF Holding Group will be created in early 2020. The Holding Group will assume overall governance of the DAF, and become an organ for guidance and ultimate accountability. More information will be published on this matter soon.

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